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A Study on the quality of education to children with hearing impairment in pre-integration camp in S.S.A.

Vijeta Rai

The individual is part and product of his society. His social relationship, status and performance are the vital areas of his social functioning. He lives in a society, community, neighbourhood and family not only as an individual but as a responsible person with multiple roles in a complex network of social relationship. The concept of full and happy life is linked with the individuals’ healthy social adjustments and social functioning Key to all social adjustment and functioning is EDUCATION which shows a path for complete living. Education is the process through which the child makes internal and external. It is control of environment as it is the development of all those capacities in the individuals which enable him to control his environment and fulfil his possibilities.

 Themes of education not only apply to normal children but also to the children with special need as said “Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire”. “A Fire lighting a candle in life of those who feel that they are not a part of existing society”. When such person were not able to gather information properly and completely, concept of special education came in an unframed pattern but the objective was to identify the educational needs of those children and make them a good and productive citizen of India. “Special Education means specially designed instructions which meets the unique need of a special child, Special materials, teaching techniques, equipments and or facilities may be required. Special education offers a continuous form of special teaching for children who need either special environment, special medical treatment, special method of teaching or curriculum.1 “A special education programme is one that provides a pupil with direct services of a trained special educator, who uses a unique curriculum a direct method, and/or specialized instructional material which are quite different from those traditionally available in a the regular grades.”2 “Special education refers to instruction i.e. specially designed to meet the needs of exceptional children .It involves designing the physical environment in the class room.3
            Education for all has received high priority in the planned schemes of government of India. Education for the disabled received special attention in “EFA” whose one of the objective is to reduce dependence upon the caretakers and develop a positive self image. These objectives can be fulfilled only when the students with hearing impairment are trained in ‘Pre-Integration Camp’ with full zeal and energy.


·         To study the approach of committee selected for the running of pre-integration camp.
·          To study the approach of special educator in pre-integration camp towards the hearing impaired children.
·         To study the teaching process and teacher communication.
·         To study the peer behavior in class room.


1.       The committees under SSA will More than 80% of Committees will show a positive attitude towards pre-integration camp.
2.       Attitude of more than 80% of special educator will be positive towards teaching hearing impaired in pre-integration camp.
3.       Effective teaching communication and teaching process will be in more than 80% in Pre-integration camp.
4.       More than 80% of children under pre-integration camp will show a co-operative behavior among them.

Tools and Administration:

            Tools- Questionnaire is used to  know the  education quality of H.I Children. This tool is developed by the suggestions and guidance. The Questionnaire is divided into three parts : in group (A) the questions related with selection committee, in group (B) with children and in group (C) is teacher. Total no. of question is 39.

            Administration or Method- Survey method is used to collect and analysis the data of different components, population has been taken from. re-integration camp of Mau, Ballia and Azamgarh districts. Random sampling is done on this population only.

            Data Collection and its Analysis- The data has been collected from all the groups by asking questions to them. Analysis to enhance the interest in learning could be promoted by use of teaching learning material (TLM) and by group teaching. It was also found that medical assessment of special children has been done by the experts.

It was also seen that Speech and Audio training has been included in the time table. All children are imparted with regular speech and audio training. Residual helps in giving audio training to a hearing impaired child. This was admitted by teachers of all the districts taken for study. While teachers of Mau assure that speech training is not effective but teachers of Azamgarh and Ballia mentioned that speech enhancement is also countable in audio speech training.
Result- The members of selecting committee of district mau has accepted that special children need treatment of pre integration camp .The percentage of level of acceptance was 66.66% same was the reaction of selecting committee of azamgarh .but the third member of the committee totally denied the utility of pre integration camp .All members from district Ballia accepted the utility of pre integration camp. Members of committee are aware and conscious about the education of children. Basic education officer/district integration education/city education officer presented their view inflators of pre-integration camp stating that pre integration camp is a major measure for the development of education of special child.
            Question relating to educational rehabilitation also got full favour of the selecting committee members of Ballia districts. Two members of mau and azamgarh district showed their favour in the respect.
            Members of all districts hopeful to the aspects that the educational facility is provided are qualitative. Role of special educator in education of special child is helpful it was admitted by two members of mau and ballia respectively. But the member of district azamgarh does not show full satisfaction in his regard.
            Question related to special educator (female) got a positive response from special children 83.33% children of mau, 91.17% from ballia, 92.75% from azamgarh can identify their teacher .Children possess a positive attitude and concept formation about the teacher .When questions were asked the punishment given by the teacher the reply was  22.22%, 82.76%, 78.26%, from district  mau ,ballia, azamgarh respectively .
            When questions were asked keeping in view the behaviour of teacher like do your teacher address you by your name? The reply was 100%, 98%, 55%, from district mau, ballia, and azamgarh, respectively. This shows that they are addressed by their name and they possess a good teacher relationship.
            On the topic of quarrelling student stated that they do not do so but a 5% in its favour. When questions were asked about co-operation and co-ordination among the children the reply was 77.7%, 89.70%, 94.20%, was from mau, ballia, azamgarh districts respectively.
            Indeed some students presented negative behaviour on these questions. It may be due to lack of mainstreaming and peer support. When query was made regarding group regarding group education and peer tutoring answer was 88.33%, 91.17%, 95.6% of districts mau, ballia and azamgarh respectively. The responses in negative were average.
            Conclusion: It may be concluded from the study that there was the need felt to make parents more aware about remaining .Residual hearing and its functions. It was also felt that different counseling camp for the parents of special children should be organized to make them aware about the utility about the special education, vocational education, for making better life of their dear ones. They should be made psychologically well proved about their child behavior, handling attitude, and the emotional support demanded by the child from the family and committee.
            It was also felt that a barrier free environment should be promoted in pre integration camp along with healthy competition among peers regarding their performance. It was also felt that special educator should take more steps to make pre integration camp entertaining point for the children and the teacher should focus on play way method, so that a child can use other sense organ for learning. It is also come to notice of researcher that more group activity among the children should be promoted to develop the feeling of unity and social gathering.
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Vijeta Rai
Research scholar, Dept. of B.ed.(H.I.)

N.G.B.University, Allahabad.